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Презентация «My future profession»

Презентация о профессии юриста


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Studying to be a lawyer is one of my dreams.

They should help those people, who committed an error (broke the law) to find the right road in their life. Lawyers protect the rights and legal interests of citizens, institutions and organizations. I want to help people, businesses to solve their problems, I want to help everybody to know the rules that we all have to get along.

Lawyers always work.

*There is a day of lawyers*

A lawyer must have his own roo m

I want to be a lawyer too . This profession can fit creative people who know how to make things around them look nice. The duty of the lawyer is not only to punish people for various crimes: from espionage to serial murder and terrorism, but they must do their best to prevent crimes, to fight against evil in our society. I think that the profession of a lawyer is one of the most important in the law-governed state, which we are creating now.

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